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Rules for 1891 found in Sonoma County, CA in August 2000, in the book titled: The White House at Inch Gow, by Sarah Pitt 1891.  Interesting things about this book is a dedication to "Catherine Elizabeth Merv(?), Christmas 1891."

whiteh_rules.gif (134243 bytes)  white_cover.gif (115987 bytes)  white_date.gif (128079 bytes)  whiteh_sign.gif (35443 bytes)

  • picture 1: The Rules!!  "This book to be kept clean and returned in 14 days..."

  • picture 2: The cover of the book

  • picture 3: Inside the book

  • picture 4: Who the book belonged to, and the date Christmas 1892!

Warning: those graphics will take time to load!! They are huge so people can make out the details!!